Our brand – Gold Istra tartufi

Gold Istra TartufiNestled in the heart of Europe is a land of rolling hills, sun dappled forests and unspoiled Mediterranean coastlines – a land so breathtaking that the Romans called it Terra Magica.
Slovenia’s Istrian peninsula is like no other place on earth, and not just because of its beauty. The rich and uniquely balanced soil provides the perfect conditions to grow our country’s greatest treasures – Istrian black and white truffles.

Truffle Hunting

It was while searching for these gems that three friends with over 30 years of harvesting expertise realised that nature had given us a special gift. Truffles are famously rare, but only the exceptional soil composition of Istria can produce prizes of such exquisite character.
It was the desire to share the regions truffles with culinary aficionados around the world, and to protect Istria’s heritage, that gave birth to our company Gold Istra tartufi.
Our passion for sustainability drives us to support only small local suppliers, ensuring that our delicate ecosystem is preserved for generations to come.
Taking the utmost care, Gold Istra tartufi continues to harvest the world’s highest quality truffles in the traditional way using specially trained dogs. We then prepare the harvest with love using centuries-old techniques.
We remain connected to our land and dedicated to caring for nature and our suppliers while offering an exceptional range of sauces, oils and creams.
Once you’ve experienced the superior taste and aroma of our truffles we’re confident you’ll agree that they are truly remarkable. We look forward to sharing them with you.

Gold Istra Tartufi